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  1. 2012.04.24 Exploit Pack - Web Security Edition [New tool]
2012. 4. 24. 18:44

Exploit Pack - Web Security Edition [New tool]

This tool allows you to take control of remote browsers, steal social network credentials, obtain persistence on it, DDoS and more. Demo: Main features: - Hacking of Gmail, Yahoo, Facebook, Live, Linkedin - Session persistence - 0day exploits included - Remote browser control - DDoS by creating botnets - Launch remote exploits - Steal credentials Questions? support () exploitpack com Official site: http://exploitpack.com ------------------------------------------------------------------------ This list is sponsored by: Information Assurance Certification Review Board Prove to peers and potential employers without a doubt that you can actually do a proper penetration test. IACRB CPT and CEPT certs require a full practical examination in order to become certified. http://www.iacertification.org ------------------------------------------------------------------------

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