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  1. 2009.11.17 RainbowCrack - The Time-Memory Tradeoff Hash Cracker
2009. 11. 17. 09:44

RainbowCrack - The Time-Memory Tradeoff Hash Cracker


The graphics user interface of rcrack program is introduced in RainbowCrack 1.4. Two new programs are included:
  • rcrack_gui.exe - GUI of rcrack program
  • rcrack_cuda_gui.exe - GUI of rcrack program with GPU computation support
This document describes the use of these programs.

Step 1: Load the hashes


Step 2: Specify the rainbow tables to be searched

Select "Search Rainbow Tables..." menu to specify individual rainbow tables to search:

Select "Search Rainbow Tables In Directory..." menu to search all rainbow tables in a directory:

Select "Search Rainbow Tables In Profile..." to specify a sequence of rainbow tables to search:


Step 3: Wait for the result

When rainbow tables are specified, the table lookup will start.

That is all.


We compare performance of different GPU based hash cracking methods. The first is direct GPU based brute force; the second is GPU based time-memory tradeoff hash cracking implemented in RainbowCrack software. The time-memory tradeoff approach is always hundreds of times faster.

원문 : http://project-rainbowcrack.com

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