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  1. 2010.09.17 Tracking the IMDDOS Botnet
2010. 9. 17. 17:00

Tracking the IMDDOS Botnet

For the compelete report on the IMDDOS Botnet,

Tracking the Global Growth of the IMDDOS Botnet

The newly discovered IMDDOS Botnet is a commercial DDoS service.  The botnet grew large very quickly. Beginning testing in April 2010, it reached a production peak activity by the second week of August of 25,000 unique recursive DNS lookups/hour to the command-and-control (CnC) servers.

This paper details the growth of the IMDDOS Botnet, the commercial aspects of its operation, the technical components of the botnet infrastructure, how it was discovered, and what is currently being done to disrupt its operation.

Click to see the growth of the IMDDOS Botnet from April 2010 - September 2010

출처 : http://www.damballa.com/IMDDOS/

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