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  1. 2010.11.09 Install And Setting PsyBNC On Unix Shell
2010. 11. 9. 15:16

Install And Setting PsyBNC On Unix Shell

What is psyBNC?
psyBNC is an IRC network bouncer (BNC). psyBNC is short form of psychoid bouncer (BNC).
psyBNC is mostely used to hide your ip on IRC network and bounce your ISP. It is very easy to use and due to its unique features, it has become most popular BNC (specially on FREEBSD) .
psyBNC does not just bounce your ISP (hide your ip) it also stays connected to IRC server even after you close your irc client. Most of the users like this feature which made psyBNC most popular among bouncers.
Moreover there is multiple user feature included with psyBNC, multiple server support and much more. It also support IPV6.
Here I am going to let you know how to setup psyBNC on your shell in few easy steps.
How to setup (compile/install) bnc.
1.) type: wget http://www.psybnc.at/download/beta/psyBNC-2.3.2-7.tar.gz
Above command will download psybnc in your shell.
2.) type: tar -zxvf psyBNC-2.3.2-7.tar.gz
Above command will untar your downloaded psyBNC tar file. Now you have to change dir to psybnc so type command given below.
3.) type: cd psybnc
Now you are in directory called psyBNC-2.3.2-7
4.) type: make
Your psybnc is almost compiled now. After performing this command you will be asked some questions as below
Country Name [DE]:
State/Province [Somewhere]:
Locality Name (eg, city) []:
Organization Name (eg, company) [tCl]:
Organizational Unit Name (eg, section) [psyBNC]:
Common Name (Full domain of your server) []:
LEAVE all field blank if you dont want to answer.
Now you will have to edit psybnc.conf file to edit listening port.
5.) type: pico psybnc.conf
There you will see 3 lines in your psybnc.conf file. You just have to edit “PSYBNC.SYSTEM.PORT1=31337?. 31337 is default listening port. Change it to your choice of listening port.
I prefer you to chose any port between 10000 – 20000.
example: PSYBNC.SYSTEM.PORT1=15678
6.) type: ctrl (key)+x
(to save your psybnc.conf file)
7.) type: y + enter (key)
8.) type: ./psybnc psybnc.conf
Now you are ready to use your psyBNC

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