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  1. 2012.07.19 [무선랜 보안-③] 무선랜 보안기능 설정
  2. 2011.02.23 Moscrack WPA Cluster Cracker 2.0b
  3. 2010.07.29 무선랜 보안의 발전
2012. 7. 19. 18:35

[무선랜 보안-③] 무선랜 보안기능 설정

출처 : 보호나라

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2011. 2. 23. 19:46

Moscrack WPA Cluster Cracker 2.0b

Moscrack is intended to facilitate the use of a WPA cracker on a cluster. Currently, it has only been used with Mosix (clustering software) and SSH nodes. It works by reading a word list from STDIN or a file, breaking it into chunks and passing those chunks off to separate processes that run in parallel. The parallel processes can then execute on different nodes in your cluster. All results are checked (to a degree) and recorded on your master node. Logging, error handling, etc. are all handled for you. Moscrack is designed to be run for long periods of time (days, weeks, or more).
Changes: Many new features and bugfixes were added.

출처 : http://packetstormsecurity.org

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2010. 7. 29. 17:50

무선랜 보안의 발전

인텔과 중국의 WAPI분쟁

[과거] 중국 무선랜 암호화 WAPI 표준화 동향

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