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  1. 2011.04.29 John the Ripper password cracker update (1)
  2. 2010.02.08 Solaris 9 & 10 패스워드 8자리제한 MD5 해결
2011. 4. 29. 13:33

John the Ripper password cracker update

This is the change log for JtR version 1.7.7:

  • Added Intel AVX and AMD XOP instruction sets support for bitslice DES (with C compiler intrinsics). New make targets: linux-x86-64-avx, linux-x86-64-xop, linux-x86-avx, and linux-x86-xop (these require recent versions of GCC and GNU binutils).
  • A “dummy” “format” is now supported (plaintext passwords encoded in hexadecimal and prefixed with “$dummy$”) – for faster testing and tuning of custom wordlists, rule sets, .chr files, and external modes on already known or artificial passwords, as well as for testing of future and modified versions of John itself.
  • Apache “$apr1$” MD5-based password hashes are now supported along with the FreeBSD-style MD5-based crypt(3) hashes that were supported previously. Hashes of both of these types may be loaded for cracking simultaneously.
  • The “–salts” option threshold is now applied before removal of previously cracked hashes for consistent behavior with interrupted and continued sessions. (Suggested by magnum.)
    The “Idle = Y” setting (which is the default) is now ignored for OpenMP-enabled hash types when the actual number of threads is greater than 1. (Unfortunately, it did not work right at least with GNU libgomp on Linux.)
  • When a cracking session terminates or is interrupted, John will now warn the user if the cracked passwords printed to the terminal while cracking are potentially incomplete. It will advise the user to use the “–show” option to see the complete set of cracked passwords with proper post-processing.
  • When loading hashes specified on a line on their own (feature introduced in 1.7.6), the loader will now ignore leading and trailing whitespace.
  • Unless a hash type is forced from the command line, the loader will now print warnings about additional hash types seen in the input files (beyond the hash type autodetected initially).
  • For use primarily by the jumbo patch (and later by future enhancements to the official versions as well), the loader now includes logic to warn the user of ambiguous hash encodings (e.g. LM vs. NTLM vs. raw-MD5, all of which may be represented as 32 hexadecimal characters) and of excessive partial hash collisions, which it works around (these are typically caused by an incomplete implementation of a new hash type).
  • The “unique” and “unshadow” programs have been made significantly faster.
  • “DateTime”, “Repeats”, “Subsets”, “AtLeast1-Simple”, “AtLeast1-Generic”, and “Policy” external mode samples have been added to the default john.conf.
  • The self-tests have been enhanced to detect more kinds of program bugs.
  • A few minor bug fixes and enhancements were made.

This version has been sponsered by Rapid7.

Download John the Ripper v1.7.7 (john-1.7.7-jumbo-1.tar.gz/john-1.7.7-jumbo-1.tar.bz2).

출처 :  PenTestIT

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2010. 2. 8. 13:27

Solaris 9 & 10 패스워드 8자리제한 MD5 해결

솔라리스 9와 10 (그이전 버전도 같은 증상 ) 버전에서는 패스워드가

8자리만 인식되는 현상이 있습니다

해결하기 위해서는 암호 알고리즘을 MD5로 변경하는 하여야 하는데요

/etc/security/policy.conf  을 열고


에서 #을 없애서 주석을 없애고 밑에 쪽에 보면


라고 된 것을


로 바꿔 줍니다

그러면 바로 8자리 이상 패스워드가 적용되시는걸 확인 하실수 있습니다

출처 : http://www.commit.co.kr

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