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  1. 2012.09.01 mRemote Terminal Emulator – Remote Connections Manager
  2. 2011.03.23 SecureCRT Session 유지 설정
2012. 9. 1. 01:05

mRemote Terminal Emulator – Remote Connections Manager

The Quick and Dirty

mRemote is an open source, terminal emulator that runs on Windows (XP and Vista).  It runs on top of Putty and provides a tabbed terminal emulation experience...for free.  While SecureCRT provides the same experience(and is a better option in my opinion), it costs about $100 for a license while mRemote is free.  Did I mention that it's free?

mRemote is an excellent application with a couple of flaws: it is no longer being developed and may not work with Windows 7.  These limitations may make it radioactive for some Network Engineers, but the program is stable and has a few nice extra features that definitely warrant it a test drive.

Note: I apologize for the audio.  I was using an old headset and then forgot to normalize the audio before uploading to YouTube.

mRoute Terminal Emulator - Part 1 of 3

mRoute Terminal Emulator - Part 2 of 3

mRoute Terminal Emulator - Part 3 of 3

출처 : http://packet-lab.com/

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2011. 3. 23. 09:27

SecureCRT Session 유지 설정

메뉴에서 Options - Session Options - 카테고리로 이동,

Terminal 항목에 Anti-idle 이라는 항목에서 설정.

Send protocol NO-OP 를 선택하고 every 60 seconds 로 설정해 주면
지속적으로 빈문자열을 보내 접속된 세션이 TIMEOUT 으로 자동으로 끊어지지 않고 유지가 됩니다.

보다 자세한 내용은 첨부파일 참고.


* 또다른 방법은 ssh 설정 변경
 /etc/ssh/sshd_config 설정파일 
ClientAliveInterval 300 (기본값 0)
5분마다 서버는 연결을 유지하기 위해 클라이언트에 메세지를 보내게 됩니다.

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