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  1. 2010.09.14 Arirang - Powerful Webserver Security Scanner for Network (1)
2010. 9. 14. 16:07

Arirang - Powerful Webserver Security Scanner for Network

Arirang is powerful webserver security scanner for network.

arirang different most cgi scanners(cgichk, ucgi, whisker, malice, nikto ...)
arirang based on twwwscan. designed to network scanner.

arirang can help network administrators find security vulnerabilities, auditing and patch in their webservers. 

this program was originally written under OpenBSD 2.8 2.9 

tested on OpenBSD 2.8 2.9 ,FreeBSD 4.3,NetBSD 1.5,Linux 2.2.16 2.4.4,Solaris 2.6, Solaris 5.7 Sparc,AIX 4.3

i wrote these tools with honest intentions to audit my own webserver and network.
Please do not abuse this software.

arirang 1.90 released for *BSD, Linux, Other Unix - 2010/09/06

supported SSL -S option
supported CIDR of domain name. -h yourdomain/24 
supported count of scan hosts
fixed connect timeout
applied recv timeout of rule scan. 
fixed gcc warning.
fixed few signal in old code. 
fixed few printing style.

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  1. aa 2011.05.10 00:15 address edit & del reply

    arirang build on linux needed to add -lresolv. if not, error occurred.
    proxy.c:(.text+0x46c): undefined reference to `__b64_ntop'