2012. 1. 13. 20:51

RainbowCrack Project UPDATE

“RainbowCrack uses time-memory tradeoff algorithm to crack hashes. It differs from the hash crackers that use brute force algorithm. RainbowCrack is a general propose implementation of Philippe Oechslin’s faster time-memory trade-off technique. It crack hashes with rainbow tables.”

Official change log for RainbowCrack 1.5:

  • Support 64-bit Windows operating systems
  • Support 32-bit Linux operating systems (x86 only)
  • Support 64-bit Linux operating systems (x86_64 only)
  • Support rainbow table file larger than 2 GB

Dowload RainbowCrack 1.5:

RainbowCrack 1.5rainbowcrack-1.5-win32.zip/rainbowcrack-1.5-win64.zip/rainbowcrack-1.5-linux32.zip/rainbowcrack-1.5-linux64.ziphttp://project-rainbowcrack.com/index.htm#download

List of Rainbow Tables


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