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Multi(8/16) CPUs Utilization Graphs, using cacti

Quick tutorial on how to use/customise:

1. Import the template in cacti
-- Goto the console pane
-- Click on Import Templates
-- Choose the file (template) to import
-- Click Import

2. Create Graphs
-- Goto console pane
-- Goto Devices
-- Choose your device (host)
-- Click on Create *Create Graphs for this Host
-- Choose from the drop down in the "Graph Template Section" the relevant graph - "HOST MIB - MULT CPU utilization on X processor box" - Where X is the number of CPUs in your device
-- Click Create
-- on the next screen you will asked the index-value/type ... just click on save and its not over yet !!

3. Get the Graphs working
-- Goto Console
-- Goto Graph Management
-- locate the graph you just created, click on it
-- in "Supplemental Graph Template Data” select the cpu you wish to graph on the multi-cpu-graph, for each data source item, from the relevant dropdown. This is most likely HOSTNAME - CPU Utilization - CPU0 (cpu), HOSTNAME - CPU Utilization - CPU1 (cpu) and so on ...
-- (optional - : you can now delete the initial graphs that you created in step 2 but when asked be sure to keep the data-sources intact because the multi-cpu-graph needs these data sources.)

4. A little bit of customisation
-- This bit just changes the colour of the Average (or MEAN) CPU utilization from yellow to PINK (as above), but you can choose any colour/opacity combination
-- Goto Graph Templates on the Console Tab
-- Click on the Multi-CPU Template you want to change
-- Click on Item #1
-- Choose the "Color" [sic] from the dropdown (I chose FF00FF)
-- Choose the "Opacity/Alpha Channel" from the dropdown (I chose 30%)
-- Click Save

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