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  1. 2012.09.20 Monitor Windows via WMI from Cacti on Linux
  2. 2012.09.11 Multi(8/16) CPUs Utilization Graphs, using cacti (1)
  3. 2012.09.08 Best Cacti Templates for Windows (1)
2012. 9. 20. 18:40

Monitor Windows via WMI from Cacti on Linux

Bugtracker: http://mantis.parkingdenied.com

Latest SVN: http://svn.parkingdenied.com/CactiWMI/trunk

Memory Usage 

Disk Space 

Disk I/O 

CPU Usage (1,2,4 and 8 core tested) 

SQL Performance 

NTDS LDAP Connections 

NTDS LDAP Performance 

NTDS DS Performance 

NTDS Auth Performance 


출처 : forums.cacti.net

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2012. 9. 11. 18:31

Multi(8/16) CPUs Utilization Graphs, using cacti

Quick tutorial on how to use/customise:

1. Import the template in cacti
-- Goto the console pane
-- Click on Import Templates
-- Choose the file (template) to import
-- Click Import

2. Create Graphs
-- Goto console pane
-- Goto Devices
-- Choose your device (host)
-- Click on Create *Create Graphs for this Host
-- Choose from the drop down in the "Graph Template Section" the relevant graph - "HOST MIB - MULT CPU utilization on X processor box" - Where X is the number of CPUs in your device
-- Click Create
-- on the next screen you will asked the index-value/type ... just click on save and its not over yet !!

3. Get the Graphs working
-- Goto Console
-- Goto Graph Management
-- locate the graph you just created, click on it
-- in "Supplemental Graph Template Data” select the cpu you wish to graph on the multi-cpu-graph, for each data source item, from the relevant dropdown. This is most likely HOSTNAME - CPU Utilization - CPU0 (cpu), HOSTNAME - CPU Utilization - CPU1 (cpu) and so on ...
-- (optional - : you can now delete the initial graphs that you created in step 2 but when asked be sure to keep the data-sources intact because the multi-cpu-graph needs these data sources.)

4. A little bit of customisation
-- This bit just changes the colour of the Average (or MEAN) CPU utilization from yellow to PINK (as above), but you can choose any colour/opacity combination
-- Goto Graph Templates on the Console Tab
-- Click on the Multi-CPU Template you want to change
-- Click on Item #1
-- Choose the "Color" [sic] from the dropdown (I chose FF00FF)
-- Choose the "Opacity/Alpha Channel" from the dropdown (I chose 30%)
-- Click Save

Monitoring CPU load with SNMP


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2012. 9. 8. 22:48

Best Cacti Templates for Windows

Thoses templates are very interesting to have a global overview of your infrastructure base with windows 2000 and 2003 server .

Windows Server

Windows uptime statistics
Download and Documentation


Monitor Windows Service stats from Linux
Download and Documentation


Windows 2000 / 2k3 Disk Statistics
Download and Documentation


Windows Memory
Download and Documentation


Exchange 2003 scripts from Windows Cacti
Download and Documentation


At last - Windows Services monitoring with WMI!
Download and Documentation


Windows 2003 Domain Controller NTDS Stats
Download and Documentation


windows media server
Download and Documentation


plethora of windows nsclient scripts
Download and Documentation


SNMP - Informant - Windows Paging Activity
Download and Documentation


Windows Ping Script!
Download and Documentation


w32 Windows2000 TerminalService Sessions counter
Download and Documentation


Template - Windows pagefaults ...
Download and Documentation


Windows Memory V2
Download and Documentation


Windows uptime statistics
Download and Documentation


Windows Processor
Download and Documentation


APC UPii Monitoring via Windows from *nix Cacti
Download and Documentation


Template Windows Media Streaming Server Statistics @Win 2008
Download and Documentation


Exchange 2007 from Linux
Download and Documentation


출처 : http://www.generationip.com/documentation/

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    Monitoring Windows Server 2008 R2 with SNMP and Cacti